[Hiking] Invitation to the 2006 Pyrenees Trip

Karl Adcock karladcock at yahoo.co.uk
Tue May 2 20:55:17 BST 2006

Hello All, sorry if we’ve missed each other but I’ve
finally sorted out the details of the Pyrenees Trip.

I’m getting really quite excited about it,
particularly while thumbing through my old photos of
the area – see the brochure.

We’re going for six full days of walking from the 21st
June 06, returning 28th June 06. I’ve set up a system
with the Travel Shop in Fulton House whereby you can
simply go in and sign up.

We’re flying from Gatwick to Toulouse and travelling
through the Pyranees by coach to a beautiful, small
town nestled deep in to the Spanish side of the
Pyrenees. We’re going to have a permanent base for the
week in what looks to be a fully equipped and relaxed
campsite within easy reach of the town.

All the details are enclosed within the attached

The cost of the trip will be between ₤175 and
₤200 depending on numbers going and varying
flight fares. Looked at closely, this is incredible
value for money, for a weeks holiday in the
sun-blessed, mountain cooled Pyrenees. 

The trip is open to anybody and everybody, so bring
your friends, club member or not!

In a practical sense we will need to give a deposit to
the coach company and campsite so as part of the
quoted cost, you’ll need to leave ₤45 of the
estimated cost with a club member at walk sign-ups,
12.30 – 1.30 Wednesday and Friday in JC’s. 

Example breakdown of cost

Total ₤187 based on a ₤45 return National
Express journey from Swansea to Gatwick and a return
flight to and from Toulouse for ₤70 with 30
people in the group.

	₤45 Deposit
	₤115 English side transfers (Travel Shop)
	₤17 Estimated final settlement with coach
company, campsite and train from Toulouse. You will
need to pay this last bit nearer to the time or when
we are there.

Also, besides making sure your passport is up to date
ensure that you have adequate travel insurance – the
Spanish mountain rescue is not free and an unwanted
helicopter ride would probably cost a bit – most
policies don’t regard hill walking as an extreme
sport. You will need to apply for an EHIC card at the
Post Office. This is the replacement for the E111 and
once you’ve got one it’s valid for years, but be aware
it can take some time to come through.

I hope by this point you’ve looked through the
brochure and decided to join the party. What you need
to do now is;

1/	Go to the Travel Shop and buy your transfers (if
you pay for the flight by debit card, you will save
₤5 in credit card charges, please remind the
Travel Shop if you want to do this) 


2/	Leave a deposit at one of the sign-ups.

Simple! So why not!

The number of places is only limited by how many can
fit in the plane, but please book before the beginning
of June so that I can arrange the coach transport and
let the campsite know numbers. Also, book early to
take advantage of lower flight fares.

Can’t wait to see you and experience the greatest
walking holiday of the year (decade?) in your company.



P.E. If you want to contact me with any questions
please feel free but please don’t use this address,
I’m still bit of a neanderthal when it comes to
e-mail, use the mobile 07974 811 112.

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