[Hiking] bowling, club kit and other useful facts

Andrew Sprules publicity at uwshiking.org.uk
Mon May 15 15:14:40 BST 2006

Hello hikers!

I hope your all having a good day

As you already know tomorrow night (Tuesday) is bowling at Parc Tawe. Come
along, bowl and have fun with your hiking friends. We all meet up at
Yates, (top of Wind Street) at 8:15pm. We then go to bowling for 9:15pm
and will cost £6.50 for about two hours of bowling. This could be the last
hiking social of term so come along and have fun before all those exams

A few people do still have some hiking club kit. If you have it can you
get it returned to a member of the hiking committee before the summer
vacation begins or bring it along to a sign-up to return! So we can use it
for next year's hikes! If we don't have it it can jeopardise your safety
on the walks and then new kit will have to be ordered which coasts money!
So please return any club kit you may have. Thankyou.

Even though there are no more hikes the Wednesday sign-ups will still take
place in JCs 12:30 - 1:30pm! This gives those of you with club kit the
chance to return it and if you ordered t-shirts you can then pick them up
at the sign-ups. The t-shirts aren't in yet but they should be soon and
when they are we'll let you know so you can pick them up! Also those of
you going on the Pyrennes trip can pay the relevant money to the committee
here that needs to be payed and if you want more information about it you
can also get it here!

If your stuck for ideas on what to do for the remaining Sundays, don't
worry there are still things going on. In Clyne Gardens, not far from the
uni, a number of concerts are taking place there. If your interested in
going you can email the hiking chairman at chair at uwshiking.org.uk for
further information or you can just pop along to the sign-up!

Hope you enjoyed reading this email and remember to come bowling tomorrow 
night, it'll be fun!

Best of luck for your exams, hope you all do well!

See you around


Swansea University Hiking Club

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