[Hiking] Pyrenees 2006 - Still places, brochure and info for those already going

Karl Adcock karladcock at yahoo.co.uk
Sun May 21 21:24:50 BST 2006

Hello All,

Hope this finds you well. Although the Sunday walks
have come to an end there are still opportunities to
get out there and do some fantastic walking. In
particular, the Pyrenees trip.

For the purpose of booking at the campsite and coach I
must ask that everyone who's going or going to go

1/ Book at the Travel Shop by Friday June 2nd, in just
less than two weeks.

2/ And also, give the 45 pound deposit to a committee
member during one of the Wednesday sign up times
before June 2nd. If you have problems getting it to me
by then please call on 07974 811112 and we will
organise some time to meet - I can't book anything
until I have everyone's deposit.

There are endless places available so if you haven't
already booked National Express tickets and flights in
the Travel Shop, do so now. If you don't need the
National Express from Swansea let me know. I highly
recommend coming on this trip this year since I cannot
guarantee that it will happen next year.

Cheers for a great year so far, hopefully see you
again soon and best of luck with those exams!

07974 811112

P.E. Check out the Brochure!

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