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Hi guys,
I just received this random email, but I thought I'd forward it because I know some of you have some excellent photos of Wales at its best. Spread the hiking word!


From: timeoutdoors [mailto:no-reply at timeoutdoors.com]
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Subject: Your photo and video adventures in Wales

Turn your photo & video adventures in Wales into prizes

This month Visit Wales have launched www.wales1000things.com <http://www.timeoutdoors.com/nl/t.aspx?n=7&l=3>  - an online gallery of user 
submitted photos and videos of people doing active stuff outdoors in Wales. 

Been to Wales? Upload your photos <http://www.timeoutdoors.com/nl/t.aspx?n=7&l=3>  or video in three easy steps and every time you upload 
you will be entered into a prize draw to win a £10 Blacks online voucher. You need 
the code ACW172. The more you upload the more chance you have of winning!

Thinking of going to Wales? Take a wander round the gallery <http://www.timeoutdoors.com/nl/t.aspx?n=7&l=3>  of images and videos of 
Walking, Adventure sports, Cycling, Mountain Biking, Fishing and Horse Riding - and grab a 
free magazine or PDF to enter our prize draw to win a £250 Blacks vouchers. You need 
the code ACW172.

Enjoy the site! Visit Wales <http://www.timeoutdoors.com/nl/t.aspx?n=7&l=3> 

Visit Wales <http://www.timeoutdoors.com/nl/t.aspx?n=7&l=3> 	



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