[Hiking] agm, sundays hike, new committee

Andrew Sprules publicity at uwshiking.org.uk
Tue Feb 20 14:14:59 GMT 2007

Hello hikers!

This is the last email I will be sending, as from tonight's agm someone
else shall be writing them.

Tonight is our agm. We meet in JCs at 6:20pm. Do come along as it is your
chance to vote on who will be running the club for the next year and if
there are any issues you want to raise about rules, the constitution etc
etc... then this is your chance to raise them. Also the agm is your last
chance to order hiking t-shirts! They cost £8 and are available in green
or blue.

After the agm everyone is invited to have pancakes at number 94 (Rosie and
Phil's house), afterall it is pancake day! Feel free to bring along any
ingrediants you want. If you don't know where the house is, don't worry as
loads of people will be heading to 94.

This Sunday is the new committee walk - three cliffs bay and pub lunch.
Grade: A1
Cost: £2.50
Sign-up: Wednesday and Friday 12:30-1:30pm in JCs coffee shop area.
This is a wonderful walk along some of the Gower's most beautiful bays.
This is a lovely and short walk with a wonderful pub at the end where we
have lunch! Please remember to bring money to buy food and drink at the
pub. And do bring your ID especially if you want to buy alcoholic
beverages! This walk is loads of fun with lots of chances to play, the
perfect way to see in a new committee!!!

As this is my last email I must now say goodbye (sob), I will still be on
the hikes!
I wish the new committee the best of luck for the coming year, and I wish
the new publicity secretary all the best with writing all your new emails.

I hope to see you all at the agm and on Sunday's hike!

Have fun

Andrew :)

Swansea University Hiking Club

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