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Chris Laidler chrislaidler at hotmail.co.uk
Tue Jan 30 15:51:55 GMT 2007

Dear hikers

	This email is just to notify you of our AGM (Annual general meeting) being 
held on the 20th of February, location TBC.
	There are two points about the AGM that make it very important to attend, 
firstly this is where the new committee are elected and they will be running 
the club with immediate effect, please come along and vote for who you think 
is the best person for each position. Secondly the AGM is your opportunity 
to raise discussions, issues or comments you have with the club as a whole, 
for example there could be a slight amendment you’d like to see to club 
rules, or maybe you have a suggestion of a new walk you’d like the new 
committee to consider for next year. If you have a point for discussion let 
me know and I’ll add it to the agenda or you can raise your point at the end 
of the meeting.

	So what if you fancy getting more involved and actually becoming a 
committee member? Well firstly you need to decide which position you are 
going to stand for. (see the newsletter out this week for info on each 
position,) Next you need to get two club members to nominate you - they 
should sign a slip of paper stating which position you are running for and 
then hand this in to the current committee before the start of the meeting 
at latest. Finally, at the AGM the nominees will be voted upon by the rest 
of the club. As a committee member you will be expected to attend weekly 
meetings and take responsibility for your part in running the club.
	There are a few rules regarding the election of the new committee. Firstly 
you must be a student at Swansea University and a member of Swansea 
University hiking club from February 2007 to February 2008. (Sorry but this 
does mean no final year students or exchange students can stand). The AGM is 
only open to club members and each member can only vote once for who they 
would like to fill each position.

After the meeting we will be heading to Rosie and Phil’s house for pancakes 
due to the fact that the meeting takes place on pancake day !!

If you’ve any questions feel free to ask

Hope to see you all soon

Chris Laidler

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