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Tue Nov 6 13:09:15 GMT 2007

Hiya folks,

I am sending out the email this week, but rest assured, you will still get
your weekly dose of hiking goodness :-p Oh, and thanks for another great
weekend to everyone who went, and special thanks to Martin and our new
First year Reps!

The next social is tommorrow! We will be meeting at 7pm in Yates's and the
we will be going to LaserZone. Even if you aren't a physicist, playing
with lasers is still strangely satisfying...

This week's walk is along part of the stunning Pembrokeshire Coast (Grade
B,1) and there are still spaces. If anyone needs convincing, check out the
gallery from previous years.

The week after is Fan Fawr: our second C,3 walk of the year and takes us
up the opposite direction from Pen-Y-Fan through some deliciously rugged
and peaceful terrain. Both of these are £5.


P.s. Don't forget t-shirt designs and hoodies!

Swansea University Hiking Club

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