[Hiking] Welcome Back and First Walk

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Tue Jan 15 13:29:27 GMT 2008

Hullo hikers!

I hope everyone had a great christmas and is ready for their exams. Good
luck with them! :-)

Our first walk of the term takes us along the centre of Gower and through
some it's most picturesque locations. This walk will be using public
transport and so sign up isn't strictly necessary. We will be getting the
9.40am bus from the stop outside Uni by the bottom of the footbridge. We
should be returning to Swansea around 6.30pm. A ticket should cost around
£5. PLEASE NOTE, as this walk uses public transport we will cancel if it
looks as if is going to be really wet! As we are still in winter, bringing
a torch might be handy.

If anyone wishes to come to sign ups this week there will be someone
there. This is an ideal opportunity for anyone considering standing for a
position on next year's committee to come and ask us any questions you may
have because we shouldn't be too busy! Also if anyone has any t-shirt


P.s. Check out the website for the new social calendar!

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