[Hiking] Pembrokeshire Coast, Caerphilly Castle

James Rayment publicity at uwshiking.org.uk
Wed Nov 19 10:59:01 GMT 2008

Hey everyone!
I had a super paul moment yesterday and completely forgot to send this
weeks e-mail, but here it is. i blame the problem on a changed Committee
meeting time.

Anyway enough of the excuses on with the e-mail.

this weekend, Sunday 23rd we're heading back to the Pembrokeshire Coast.
Grade B1 Price £5.
This walk includes the stunning section of Pembrokeshire from Freshwater
East to the Army ranges at Pennally with views over Caldey Island.

the following week, Sunday 30th we are going to Caerphilly area, north of

Grade A1 Price £5.
A relaxing walk in the rolling hills which surround Caerphilly, this walk
also takes in Castell Coch where The Worst Witch, a British Kids TV
program, was filmed for Television. also the end of the walk has stunning
views of the Castle at Caerphilly.

I think thats it for this week but if you still have money outstanding for
the Christmas Dinner can it be in as soon as possible

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