[Hiking] This Sunday - Pembrokeshire Coast

Ruth Walker vice at uwshiking.org.uk
Fri Nov 21 20:43:17 GMT 2008

Hello Hikers,

This weekend the hiking club are off to Pembrokeshire again :) We'll be
going from the stretches of sandy beaches at Freshwater East to the firing
range (I assure you it is safe!) at Penally and a rather lovely pub! And
there is lots of pretty coast in between - rocky cliffs, green fields,
crashing waves and sea views. Oh yes, this walk is a hiking favourite!

It is that time of year when deadlines loom and dare I say it Christmas
preparations begin (not if you're me it doesn't!) so this is the perfect
opportunity to get away from it all - relax, enjoy and laugh with fresh
air and lovely people :)

As it is rather late - I fancied a last minute encouragement email - you
can email us or phone/text anyone on the committee to let us know you are
coming along. Obviously this is desirable but you can also turn up at any
of the pick-ups on Sunday morning - just let us know you haven't signed up
yet and I'm sure there will be space.


Ruth xox
Swansea University Hiking Club
Signups Wednesday 12:30-1:30
        Friday 12:30-1:30
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