[Hiking] Social on Tuesday!

Amy Brook social at uwshiking.org.uk
Sun Feb 22 18:01:01 GMT 2009

Hey Everyone,

First of all, a big thankyou to everyone who came on today's hike. It was
a great hike with lovely views and a big turnout :) I hope you all enjoyed

Now onto the social - This weeks social falls on the same day as Shrove
Tuesday (Pancake Day) so what better way to spend it than with pancakes!

For those of you international students who may not have pancake day where
you are from, it is in theory a christian holiday we have in the UK,
however in practice it is just an excuse for us to eat pancakes! :)

The price for this social will be £1 per person just to cover costs of
ingredients for the pancakes and toppings for pancakes will also be

It will take place at 4 Bernard Street - if you don't know where that is,
there is going to be someone to meet you at the university outside fulton
house instead to walk up there with you.

If anyone has any specific toppings they would like me to buy let me know
by replying to this e-mail and I shall see what I can do.

Also.. just so I know how many people I am buying food for, can you please
reply to this e-mail to let me know if you are planning on coming. Friends
are welcome also, but again you have to let me know. The £1 can be paid on
the night.

To Confirm:

Meet: 7.15 outside Fulton House (To leave at 7.30) Or 7.45 at 4 Bernard
Street on Tuesday!

If you plan on turning up but are going to be late or something and don't
know how to get there, please feel free to call/text me on 07988400166.

Hope to see you all there! (but let me know by 11am on Tuesday if you are

Lots of love
Your Social Sec


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