[Hiking] Set to be one of the biggest and best Socials...

Amy Brook social at uwshiking.org.uk
Sat Mar 14 16:49:23 GMT 2009

At least I hope so...

This Wednesday we are going to have an International Night.
As some of you may be aware, the hiking club attracts a lot of
international students and unfortunately, some of those are leaving us at
Easter so we figured, what better way to say goodbye than with a party
dedicated to all things international!!

The night will begin at 4 Bernard Street and the plan is for everyone
(although it is optional) to bring an international dish of their choice!
It doesn't have to be from the nation you are from. For example someone
from Germany could make Paella! And those of us that are English don't all
have to make Fish and Chips :P
Everyone will then taste all the dishes and there is going to be a prize
given for the best dish and also a prize for the most original/interesting
International drinks can also be brought to drink before we go out!

After all the eating and drinking (and probably a drinking game or two) we
will then be making our way into town to have a few drinks along Wind
Street before eventually making our way to Play!

DRESS CODE: Yes, that's right.. there is a dress code for the night!
Although obviously i'm not going to be mean and make it compulsory... in
keeping with the theme of all things international, it would be great if
everyone could turn up in a stereotypical international costume for
example French - beret, striped top and perhaps an onion? :P

There will be a prize for the best fancy dress costume and also a prize
for either the worst or the most original.. i'm yet to decide.

Since we have a lot to pack into the night, i'm going to suggest a
relatively early start to the night!!

As i'm aware some of you may not know where Bernard Street is, I will meet
you on Campus outside Fulton House at 7.00 to leave at 7.15 and for those
of you who do know where it is, please turn up at about 7.30!

I know drinking socials aren't to everyone's taste, but it would be
appreaciated if we could make this one of the biggest and best socials of
the club so far since it's the last one this term!(After all.. you don't
actually have to drink, nor do you have to come to town afterwards!)
Friends are welcome to the social, particularly if they like to wear fancy
dress costumes!!

Right - since that was a long and confusing e-mail i'll confirm everything
here in short:

Meet: Wednesday 18th March outside Fulton House at 7.00 (to leave at 7.15)
or 4 Bernard Street at 7.30!
Turn up in fancy dress, bring an international dish and come with an open
mind as you may well learn something about another country that you didn't
know before!

Hope to see you all there!!
Lots of Love (currently from the north of England..)
Your Social Sec!

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