[Hiking] The LAST official social of the year!!

Amy Brook social at uwshiking.org.uk
Mon May 4 19:51:04 BST 2009

Hey everyone!

First apologies for only just getting in touch now but i haven't been able
to log onto the e-mail sending thing..
But since I am now on it..

As you should be aware.. the social this week is Orientbeering on Wednesday!
There was a sign up for this but you can no longer sign up now as we need
to buy the beer etc. You can however reply to this e-mail and as long as
you have replied by 3.30 tomorrow I will make sure I include you in the
drink. The cost of orientbeering is £2 and that will get you at least 3
bottles/cans of beer or cider as well as crisps/chocolate/sweets!

The plan is to meet up at sign up on Wednesday and get a bus to the
student village to be there for about 2.00. If you live in the student
village you can meet us over the road (outside the carvery) if you want to
join us there.

This is always a fun social which involves getting lost in woods whilst
drinking and eating at the same time :P

Please make sure you don't turn up unless you have replied to my e-mail
before 3.30 tomorrow because otherwise there will be no drink for you to
find or we will have to share what we do have which makes it unfair for
those that have paid.

On another not... unfortunately.. we did not get enough people signing up
for Paintballing... so it is going to be called off for this weekend as
there is no point arranging something that needs a 15 person team when
only about 4/5 signed up. This means anyone who has paid will get a
refund.. as far as I am aware only Mike has paid. If people wish however,
we can rearrange paintballing for after the exams perhaps when people are
more willing to turn up because it is definitely something I want to do!

Instead of paintballing... This Friday we are going to have our FINAL
social of the year which is going to be a meal - I am going to send a
separate e-mail now though as I know long e-mails can be really boring and
too much to take in!

Talk to you in the next e-mail!! And don't forget to reply before 3.30
tomorrow if you wish to come to orientbeering!

Lots of Love
Your Social Sec

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