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Mon May 4 20:02:38 BST 2009

Hello again everyone!

Our final social of the year is going to be a meal in Mumbles at a
restaurant/pub called Salt At The George!

Since this is the last social of the year.. there are going to be
certificates/prizes awarded to various members for contribution to the
club in one form or another..

For example:
Best Photographer
Best Newcomer
Best International

with a few silly awards thrown in like Best Hat, Best Club Couple etc.

All of which you will be able to vote for on the night if you wish!

The prices are fairly reasonable - what you would expect to find at a
normal restaurant and the menu sounds nice :)

Since obviously there will be a large group of us, I need you to reply to
this e-mail to let me know if you are going to be coming to the meal or
not so I can book a table.

The plan is to meet in JCs at 6.30 and then get a minibus taxi down to
mumbles at 7.00 which should cost £1 per person. Or for those of you who
live in mumbles (eg Chris) or those that want to make your own way there
we plan to be down in mumbles shortly before 7.30 to be seated at 7.30!

Please make sure you are in JC's before 7.00 as we will be getting the
taxi at 7.00 and since its a friday night.. the taxi won't want to wait

After the meal we will then get a taxi back up to campus and people can
decide what they want to do from there onwards.

Please make the effort to come to this social as it is the last for this
year.. and for many of you, the last ever!

just to confirm

Meet: JCs @ 6.30 to be in taxi at 7.00
Place: Salt at the George - Mumbles
When: Friday 8th May!

Please reply by Wednesday night as I will be booking the table on Thursday!

Lots of love
Your Social Sec

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