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For those of you who came on our last walk before the exams I hope you all enjoyed it, and well done to those of you who braved going for a swim. Incidentally the water was about 5C which is colder than the sea temperature in this area which varies between 8C and 16C over the year!

This Wednesday afternoon is our last and bestest social which is orientbeering in Clyne valley! This works the same as orienteering except at the checkpoints you must collect beer / cider / chocolate / crisps (instead of punching a boring piece of paper), which you must navigate your way to in teams of 2 or 3 people. The course is timed and there is a prize for the winning group. We will meet at the entrance to the student village beside the roundabout at 1pm and we'll finnish on the seafront at Blackpill around 5pm. Afterwards we'll head to a nearby pub called the Woodman for a meal. Cost is £2 and don't worry if you don't know other people going to this social because we'll put you in a team with other friendly people. Cost of this social is £2 per person. Let me know before 6pm tomorrow (Tuesday) if you would like to come so that I buy the correct amout of goodies!
Because this is a social event it is open to non members so friends / housemates / hangers on... are all welcome. 
I should also mention that you are recommended to wear old clothes for this one. Also bring a rucksack to put your goodies / empties in and a bottle of water to keep yourselves hydrated! 

Chris :)
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