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Mon Mar 28 13:11:27 BST 2011

Hey everyone, 
It's coming to the end of term but we just wanted to cram in a few more hiking events before you all bugger off for easter! :P
On thursday, Han is organising a beach barbeque at Caswell bay. We know what you're thinking; it's forecast for rain, but man up and come anyway! (But for those who don't enjoy that wet feeling, there's a hut that we can shelter in :P) BYOB but we'll bring food and will share for a small contribution (£3), however, feel free to bring your own as well. Bring all your friends, flatmates and family :) (check out the alliteration). The event will be posted on our facebook page soon (http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/pages/Swansea-University-Hiking-Club/164149013598599) where more details will be released.
Spanner (our secretary) has some info on Exmoor: next weekend we are palnning a trip to Exmoor:-) It should be really good, we'll be camping on a really cool campsite by a stream where you can have open fires. We'll be leaving on saturday and coming back late tuesday:P If you're interested come along to the sign up on wednesday and we can give you the low down. The campsite will cost £18 plus travel costs. You will have to provide your own food though :-) 
There are lots of exciting things to look forward to next term as well. The first hike after we all return from our holidays will be to Glamorgan Heritage Coast on Saturday 7th May. A walk graded B2, it will cost £5 and, according to Glamorgan Council, offers "plunging cliffs, tiny secluded coves and breath-taking views" (see photo), what's not to love?

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Also, we will be embarking on another Night Hike! On Tuesday 10th May, we will be donning our head torches and wandering down to three cliffs bay in the dark. Night hikes are really good fun, so this is one's not to be missed! (we may even have a bbq as well) :D
And, still to come: Orient-beering! One of the best socials of the year - details to come...
Hope you now feel well and truely updated,
Hannah, Spanner and Charlotte xxx 		 	   		  
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