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Fri Nov 11 16:49:39 GMT 2011

Hi Guys,
So I know you have all been asking what is the social after the kit 
night on Tuesday?? Well I have decided after looking at many bar crawl 
games, well three but surprisingly there are not many games.  So I have 
decided to do a three legged bar crawl!!! So what is that I hear you 
ask? Well basically everyone gets into pairs. The two people who choose 
to be partners become a three-legged team by tying one of their legs 
together. Then, depending on the number of teams, everyone starts at the 
same bar. The procedure is that each team must consume two beers or 
cider (one per person). As each team finishes their beers, they quickly 
head onto the next establishment, preferably after paying, still joined 
at the leg. If you don`t feel like drinking lots then don`t worry you 
can have pints of non- alcoholic drinks instead. If your worrying it may 
be get a wee bit dangerous don`t worry I`ll bring a first aid kit just 
in case! Be great to see as many of you as possible, I look forward to 
seeing your three legged skills.
Just incase you did not read the other email about the kit night we are 
meeting in Yates at 7pm.
p.s drink lots of orange juice before coming
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