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Sat Nov 12 14:00:00 GMT 2011

Hey Guys,
I sent out an email yesterday about a three legged bar crawl which was 
slightly incorrect. Don`t worry, calm your passions the three legged bar 
crawl will still be going ahead!, just not after kit night on Tuesday As 
after thinking it through I thought it may not be the best idea straight 
after kit night when you have a lot of things to carry that could get 
lost . So the plan is laser zone instead where there will be lockers!  
We did laser zone last year and it was amazing!! So guys get ready for 
an evening running round and shooting people… with lasers of course, the 
more people the better. I have booked the venue for 8:50pm so it allows 
plenty of time for everyone to have a search around Blacks. The price 
will be £6.50 each for two games.

So when is the three legged bar crawl going to be?? Well it will be 
held on Wednesday the 30th November. Since that date is close to 
Christmas we are going to turn the three legged bar crawl into a 
Christmas themed one (I know what you’re thinking it is still November 
but it`s ok guys because it will turn December during the night).  So 
get thinking of Christmas themed dress ideas, try and think beyond 
Farther Christmas if you can! As well as the dress being Christmas 
themed the drinks while also be too! Bring along your flatmates and 
friends and get in the festive sprit for what is going to be an amazing 
night!! I will email detail of the pubs that you will be running to or 
maybe staggering too and the drinks you will order closer to the time. 
I`ll do too drink lists one alcoholic and one none, so don`t feel like 
you have to drink if you don`t want too it will be really good fun if 
your drunk or sober.

To finish of the socials for this year we will be ending with the 
CHRISTMAS BALL!!! I know we have already mentioned this social but it`s 
going to be INCREDIBLE and I don`t want you to miss out. If for some 
reason you have not heard about the ball, I`ll give you a quick run 
through. Well the evening starts off with you being whisked off to the 
King Arthur Hotel situated in the stunning Gower were you will receive 
an amazing three course meal and two bottles of wine (not each! But per 
table) and then evening will finish with a DJ to give you the 
opportunity to flaunt your amazing dancing skills!! The evening will be 
held with the Mountaineers so there will be plenty of opportunities for 
a bit of banter during the night. As it`s a Ball the dress will be black 
tieish but don`t worry if you not a Kean fan of black tie dress just 
don`t dress in jeans or shorts and preferably wear trousers!
The tickets are £30 as well as the meal and entertainment the price 
also includes transport there and back. Where do I get my ticket from 
you ask?? Well you can buy a ticket on any of the walks and at sign ups 
on Wednesday and Friday in Jc`s. When you purchase your ticket you will 
be asked for your menu choice. So here is the link to the menu if you 
take a long time deciding like I do:  
Come get your tickets soon, there sell out fast!!

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         Friday 12:30-1:30
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