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Mon Oct 24 15:09:51 BST 2011

Hey Hikers,

To those who came on the Exmoor weekend away, hope you had a good time! 
It was really nice to get to know you all a little better. The next hike 
is on Sunday 30th October to Carreg Cennan. This ruined castle is 
situated on a hill from which there are amazing views of Black Mountain 
and "colourful and distinctively Welsh countryside" (according to the 
website). It will cost £5.00, but there are only 33 spaces so make sure 
you've signed up. We'll be in JC's Weds 12:30-1:30 and Friday (time 

On Wednesday is our First Year & International Rep election! These 
positions are open to anyone who is in their first year of being in the 
club (you don't have to be a fresher!). Essentially, First Year and 
International Reps attend committee meetings, which are once a week (in 
the pub!), have the option to lead walks and generally help the 
committee out. If you are interested, reply to this e-mail or let us 
know another way (i.e streaking naked along the sea front with 'I want 
to be a First Year Rep' written on your stomach! Only joking, hee hee). 
You don't have to write a speech or anything, just introduce yourself 
and say why you'd be a good rep. The elections will be held at No Sign 
Bar, but we will be meeting in Yates around 7:30pm and we'll make our 
way from there. After elections we'll stay on Wind Street for a bar 
crawl and general good times! If there are other events going on this 
day which mean you can't attend then let us know and we may change the 

Tuesday the 1st November is our first Night Hike to Cefn Bryn! It's 
Halloween fancy dress and costs £3.00. Sign up in JC's or on the hike 
this weekend.

Also we're going to have a t-shirt design competition. This is open to 
anyone in the club and the closing date will be in late November. Draw 
your design for the back of a t-shirt on paper or on the computer and 
submit them to us! Winner gets a free t-shirt and eternal glory.

That's it for now folks!

Spanner (Sec), Sam (Treasurer) and Charlotte (Pub Sec) xxx

Swansea University Hiking Club
Signups Wednesday 12:30-1:30
         Friday 12:30-1:30
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