[Hiking] AGM with yummy cake and hike on sunday

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Wed Feb 29 13:08:12 GMT 2012

hi guys,

as some of you may already know is our AGM tonight where we'll elect 
the new comittee :) come along even if you dont want to stand for 
anything and have your say :) meet outside fulton house at 7.30 or in 
lecture room one in fulton :) if you want to stand for a postion they 

- chair(wo)man
-social secretary

there is cake so come along!!!! :) we are heading down wind street 
after with farmer theme :)

The hike on sunday is from Chepstow Castle to Tintern Abbey. The Abbey 
ruins are very extensive and date from 1161AD. In between, we walk along 
the Wye Valley. All in all, very photogenic!!

thats all for now folks :) hopefully see you tonight:)

spanner secretary :) xx
Swansea University Hiking Club
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         Friday 12:30-1:30
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