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A police officer pulls over a driver who was speeding. The dialogue was
something along these lines:

OFFICER: Can I see you license please?

DRIVER: No, officer, I haven't got one.

OFFICER: No license?

DRIVER: No, it was confiscated after my last conviction for driving under
the influence of alcohol

OFFICER: Can I see the registration for the vehicle?

DRIVER: No, I haven't got one, the car's stolen. Hang on, I think I saw
one in the glove box when I put the gun in there.

OFFICER: Err, you have a gun in the glovebox?

DRIVER: Yes, the one I used to shoot the blonde bitch who owned the car.

OFFICER: You killed a woman to steal this car?

DRIVER: Yes, took me ages to stuff her body in this tiny boot

OFFICER: There's a body in the boot?


The shocked officer decides he'd better call this one in and get some
assistance. Within minutes there is an armed response vehicle on the scene
and the Chief Constable. The Chief approaches the driver.

CHIEF C: Can I see your license sir?

DRIVER: Certainly, here you are.

The driver proffers a valid and clean driving license.

CHIEF C: Can I see your registration sir?

DRIVER: Certainly Officer, here you are

The driver passes over the registration which proves his ownership of the

CHIEF C: Can I see in your glove box sir?

DRIVER: Help yourself.

There's nothing in the glove box except the car's service book.

CHIEF C: Can I see inside the boot sir?

DRIVER: Help yourself

The driver pulls a remote control lever and the boot lid pops open. The
boot is empty.

CHIEF C: This is all very strange sir, perhaps you can you explain why my
officer informs me that you told him you had no license, had stolen the
car, put a gun in the glove box, murdered a blonde woman and put her body
in the boot?

DRIVER: Absolutely no idea, Officer............ bet the bastard says I was
speeding as well!

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