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     Things Men need To Know About Style 

> 1. Yes, Homer Simpson is funny - but not on your tie. 

> 2. Only consider tucking your jumper into your jeans if 
> you're a vicar. 

> 3. Getting your girlfriend to iron your jeans is 
> unacceptable.  Ironing them yourself is evidence of an unsound mind. 

> 4. Cowboy boots - NO!!! 

> 5. Pointy lace-up shoes make women retch. 

> 6. Going bald ? Shave it off for God's sake. 

> 7. Never take your shirt off in public, unless you've just 
> won the Men's Singles at Wimbledon. 

> 8. Donald Duck socks do not reflect your individuality nor 
> the wild underside of your corporate facade. They do, 
> however, mean your mother still dresses you or you wish she did. 

> 9. Socks and sandals - lovely on Germans. 

> 10. A jester hat does not a wacky man make. Even Noddy Holder 
> regrets the 70s. 

> 11. Speedos are only acceptable on Olympic swimmers... 

> 12. ... as are medallions... 

> 13. ...and tracksuit tops and bottoms. 

> 14. Do you have a grey, red and black asymmetrical duvet?  
> Curtains to match? Habitat help line 0845 222 0000 

> 15. Open shirts: one button open = professional; two buttons 
> = casual; three = tosser. 

> 16. Sleeveless t-shirts are O.K. if you're 17, can do the 
> running-on-the-spot dance at the drop of a hat and you're a 
> member of NSync. 

> 17. Understand this: if you're wearing the wrong underpants, 
> she'll never come back. 

> 18. Those fold-up scooters + middle thirties exec = tosser. 

> 19. Here's a startling fact guys: Lara Croft isn't real. And 
> Angelina Jolie is a) an actress and b) married. 

> 20. Is your definition of "new season shopping" buying the 
> latest Man Utd kit? Please seek professional help. 

> 21. Unless you own a rap empire, leave the chunky gold and 
> "ice" in the window of H Samuel where it can live a long and 
> happy life doing no-one any harm. 

> 22. You'll NEVER pull if you put your mobile in the mobile 
> phone pocket of your combats. 

> 23. Bleached blonde hair. If it doesn't work for Eddie 
> Irvine, it's not going to do it for you. 

> 24. Chinos - fashionable for 6 months in 1989 and that was it. 

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