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This is a perfect example of the way not to behave during an election
campaign :)


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A mother-of-five says she was shocked when her local Labour MP left her an offensive message on her answering machine.

Stephen Pound, defending a 9,160 majority in Ealing North, told lifelong Labour supporter Lila Tait, 47, she was a "middle class whinger" and told her to "shove" her vote after she complained about university tuition fees.

Civil servant Mrs Tait had left Mr Pound a message on his "election hotline" on Friday saying although she had supported Labour all her life she was worried about the party's introduction of tuition fees.

In his return message Mr Pound said: "This is Stephen Pound returning your call on Friday afternoon. I am sorry we missed each other. I'll try to get back to you later.

"Very briefly, I understand you wanted to have a word about university tuition.

"Can I say if there is one thing that really pisses me off it is middle class whingers going on about f*****g tuition fees and as far as I am concerned if that's your attitude you can shove your vote up your arse. Cheers now."

Mrs Tait, of Greenford, Middlesex, said: "I cannot think of anything more shocking than this.

"For me to be a Labour supporter all my life, and to get this, forget it. They are never going to get my vote while he's around."

Mr Pound said: "This was a case of mistaken identity. A friend of my wife's has the same surname and has been winding me up all week and I genuinely believed it was her.

"I have apologised profusely to Mrs Tait, have sent her some flowers and will visit her tomorrow."

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