[Jokes] FW: Microsoft - if operating systems were airli nes

Robert Grant RGrant at BlitzGames.com
Fri Jun 29 15:02:35 BST 2001

> DOS AIR All the passengers go out onto the runway, grab hold of the
> push it until it gets in the air, hop on, jump off when it hits the
> again. Then they grab the plane again, push it back into the air, hop on,
> etcetera.
> UNIX EXPRESS Each passenger brings a piece of the airplane and a box of
> tools to the airport. They gather on the tarmac, arguing constantly about
> what kind of plane they want to build and how to put it together.
> Eventually, they build several different aircraft, but give them all the
> same name. Some passengers actually reach their destinations. All
> passengers
> believe they got there.
> MAC AIRWAYS The cashiers, flight attendants, and pilots all look the
> feel the same and act the same. When asked questions about the flight
> reply that you don't want to know, don't need to know, and would you
> please
> return to your seat and watch the movie.
> FLY WINDOWS NT All the passengers carry their seats out onto the tarmac,
> placing the chairs in the outline of a plane. They all sit down, flap
> their
> arms and make jet swooshing sounds as if they are flying.
> WINGS of OS/400 The airline has bought ancient DC-3s, arguably the best
> and
> safest planes that ever flew and painted "747" on their tails to make
> look as if they are fast. The flight attendants, of course, attend to
> every need, though the drinks cost $15 a pop. Stupid questions cost $230
> per
> hour, unless you have SupportLine, which requires a first class ticket
> membership in the frequent flyer club.
> and.....
> WINDOWS '98 AIRLINES The terminal is very neat and clean, the attendants
> are
> all very attractive and the pilots very capable. The fleet is immense.
> After
> your plane arrives 6 months late, you begin to wonder why it has not
> arrived
> yet. Your jet takes off without a hitch, pushing above the clouds, and at
> 20,000 feet it crashes without warning.

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