[Jokes] Historical drinking terminology

Justin Mitchell arthur at sucs.org
Thu Aug 29 16:14:15 BST 2002

Historical drinking terminology.

Bismarked: You leave early, pick a fight, wander round in circles for a
while, then fall over. 

Tirpitzed: You stay at home, but still get bombed.

Mary Rosed: You take too much on board and sink immediately. When you
come around, you need extensive rehydration.

Lusitania'ed: You took something you shouldn't have, and a lot of
innocent people got hurt.

Marie Celested: You can't remember where you are or how you got here.

Titaniced: You think beer can't touch you, but one bottle of Smirnoff
Ice and you're sunk. 

Graf Spee'ed: Your mates call round but you don't want to go out with
them, so you hide in the kitchen and drink yourself senseless.

Ark Royaled (aka Ibiza'ed): You get so fucked in the Mediterranean, you
can't get home.

Belgrano'ed: You were trying to get home sober, but a pub popped up when
you least expected it.

Hooded: Your first drink re-activated the crystallised alcohol in your
stomach and you fell over in three seconds flat.

Sheffielded: One French kiss, and you were on fire.

Hindenburged: You dimly recall several bottles of Newcastle Brown and a
box of matches. The next thing you remember is waking up in the burns

Queen Elizabethed: You went out for a Chinese but got sidetracked. Now
you're just lying there and everyone's looking at you.

Arizona'ed: A pre-Christmas piss-up takes you completely by surprise;
well, it is Sunday morning after all.

Torrey Canyoned: Everyone got pretty well oiled, but you got totally

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