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Sheep are sprayed with words to create poetry

Sheep will compose poetry by having words sprayed on them.

Up to 15 sheep will have a word from a poem written by Valerie Laws sprayed 
on to their fleece.

Ms Laws will then watch the animals move around from a platform, to see 
what new poems they create.

The Quantum Sheep project is backed by £2,000 from Northern Arts, a charity 
which encourages community artworks.

It will take place during the lambing season of January and February next 
year at the Whitehouse Farm Centre, in Morpeth, Northumberland.

The farm was badly hit by the foot and mouth outbreak, and owner Donald 
Slater, welcomes the interest that Quantum Sheep will generate for his 
Whitehouse Farm Centre is also home to llamas, a tarantula, a wallaby, and 
Kylie the snake.

Ms Laws says: "I feel this is an exciting project in which the landscape of 
the countryside connects with the inhabitants and creates organic poetry."

Ms Lawa, a disabled mother of two, has a degree in both English and Maths 
with Theoretical Physics and launches a book of poetry called Moonbathing 
later this month.
Organisers stress no animal will be harmed during the project. The sprays 
used on the sheep are the same aerosols used by farmers to identify them.

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