[Jokes] Bill and Sadam

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Bill and Sadam

The President is meeting with Saddam Hussein regarding the recent crisis. 

They are meeting in Hussein's Baghdad capital, and halfway through the
meeting Hussein hits a button on his armrest. A fake arm flies out and hits
Clinton in the face. A little while later he hits another button and Clinton
ducks, only to be kicked in the butt. A while later, this happens again.
Clinton is angry, calls a break, and they decide to meet again later, in

When Hussein comes to DC, they sit in Clinton's office. A few minutes into
the discussions, Clinton hits a button, Hussein ducks, but nothing happens.
A few minutes later, Clinton hits another button, Hussein ducks again, but
still nothing happens. 

This happens a third time, and Hussein, by this point, is angry and
paranoid. He gets up and shouts "Enough of this! I'm going back to Baghdad!"
Clinton looks up and displays a funny-looking smirk to the Iraqi leader. 

Then quite calmly replies, "What Baghdad?" 

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