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The essential things in life are seen not with the eyes,
but with the heart

Antoine de Saint Exupery

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A bored housewife decides she wants a pet,and visits her local pet 
shop, where she spies a beautiful parrot. 
"How much for the parrot?" She asked the pet shop owner. 
"It's not really for sale" he replied "He used to live in a brothel and 
some of his language is, well, a bit rude!" 
Ever the one for the comedy value of the situation the housewife 
the pet shop owner into parting with the bird, on the understanding 
that he was in no way responsible for the consequences. Upon 
uncovering the bird at home, he blinked his eyes looked around and 
" Ooh look, a new brothel and a new Madam!" The woman a little 
taken aback exclaimed "I am no Madam and this is no brothel, you 
cheeky bird!" A couple of hours went by and the woman's two 
daughters came home from work and as soon as the parrot spied them 
he screeched "Well a new brothel, a new Madam and two new whores, 
great stuff" The two girls also seeing the comedy value laughed 
"We're not whores you cheeky bird!"  A little time went by and the 
woman's husband came home from work and the >parrot quick as a flash 
said,"A new brothel, a new Madam, two new whores, but the same 
old clients, 
how's it going Dave?" --- xxxxx 

Steve H

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