[Jokes] At the furniture store

Chris McKenna cmckenna at sucs.org
Tue Jan 11 22:14:54 GMT 2005

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Mr. Combs had a  furniture store specializing in ornate an-   
tiques in the baroque  style. He had walking pneumonia last   
month but was at the store  anyway. He was in one of the   
baroque style chairs rubbing Vicks  Vaporub on his aching   
chest when he serendipitously discovered  that the soothing   
ointment gave the furniture a wonderful, deep,  rich shine.   
He immediately told the other furniture store owners  since   
their furniture was more modern in style and they were  not   
competitors. Soon he got reports that the Vicks  treatment   
not only failed to work on the modern furniture, but  ruined   
some of it. Mr. Combs is very unpopular now, and his  only   
consolation is that he learned one important  rule:   

If it's not baroque, don't Vicks it.   

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