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Chris McKenna cmckenna at sucs.org
Thu Sep 15 23:18:11 BST 2005

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My Lucky Day!

This has got to be the luckiest day of my life.

Why this morning in my incoming e-mails I find a very private letter
from some high executive in a country I've never heard of in South
Africa stating that he is willing to put into my checking account
$28,450,000.00 for some kind of investment here in America if I would
be willing to help him sneak it out of that country. Of those funds he
is willing to give to me 25% for a handling fee!!

And then right after that I received another e-mail from a poor widow
of one of the countries finance ministers (same country in South
Africa that I've still never heard of) wanting to put into one of my
checking accounts $22,000,000.00 because she got my name from the
internet and knew that I was an honest person and would jump at the
chance to go into partnership with her.

And then my next e-mail if from a lottery official in Ireland stating
that my e-mail address matched up with the winning lottery number and
I'm to be the recipient of $13,500,200! And all I had to do was call
this fellow in England and give him my banking account information so
that they can deposit the money right in!! WOW!

And now I find out that I have qualified for a home loan of
$450,000.00 at the ridiculously low interest rate of 3%, plus some
small handling fee that they didn't go into. And all they needed was
my banking information and they will deposit it right away!!

And another e-mail is offering the secret formula for penis
enlargement that is guaranteed to give me a nine inch penis. I don't
think my wife's been complaining, I guess I'll have to check. I mean,
how would they know otherwise??

And last but not least is an important message from an offshore
wholesale drug store offering viagra and other hard to get pills at
hard to believe prices. And I don't even need a prescription!!

The only downer I have from today's e-mail is a notice from my bank
and pay-pal and e-bay telling me that someone has tried to hack into
my account and that they have had to deactivate my account until I
verify my account information with them. They have even given me links
I can use to put my credit card numbers and passwords in for ease of
use!! I think what I'm going to do is wait until I've collected the
monies from Africa and England first and then I'll give them all of my

Isn't the internet great!!

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