[Jokes] FW: Thursday Humor

Robert Grant rgrant at blitzgames.com
Thu Jul 27 10:15:35 BST 2006

1. What do you call a Chav in a box? 

2. What do you call a Chav in a filing cabinet? 

3. What do you call a Chav in a box with a lock on it? 

4. What do you call an Eskimo Chav? 

5. Why are Chavs like slinkies? 
They have no real use but it's great to watch one fall down a flight of 

6. What do you call a Chavette in a white tracksuit? 
The bride. 

7. You're in your car and you see a Chav on a bike, why should you try 
not to hit him? 
It might be your bike. 

8. What's the difference between a Chav and a coconut? 
One's thick and hairy, the other's a coconut. 

9. What's the first question at a Chav quiz night? 
"What you lookin' at?" 

10. How do you get 100 Chavs into a phone box? 
Paint three stripes on it. 

11. Two Chavs in a car without any music. Who's driving? 
The police 

12. What do you call a Chav with 9 GCSEs? 
A liar. 

13. What do you say to a Chav with a job? 
Can I have fries with that? 

14. What do you say to a Chav in a suit? 
Will the defendant please stand 

15. Why is 3 chavs going over a cliff in a Nova a shame? 
A Nova seats 4 

16. What do you call a 30 year old chavette? 

17. What do you call 100 chavs at the bottom of a river? 
A start. 

18. Why did the Chav cross the road? 
To start a fight with a random stranger for no reason whatsoever. 

19. What do you call a Chav at college? 
The cleaner. 

20. Two chavs jump off beachy head, who wins? 

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