[Magfield] Minutes 13th of October 2016

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Wed Oct 19 19:20:35 BST 2016

*Meeting of the 13th of October 2016*

*Present: Tomsk, Nick, Joe, Katie, Karol, Laurence, Tim*

*Apologies: None*


*Introduction to the project*

TB (Tim) explains the project and how to minute meetings

TB: Any questions about the project?

/-- No questions --/

TB: You need to find a room to have meetings on Thursdays. I'll give you 
feedback on your teamwork for those meetings.

TB: Get your equipment from Jonathan (/j.p.woodman-ralph at swan.ac.uk/)

TB: This exercise is all about teamwork. Keep meticulous lab diaries & 
minutes and the presentation will take care of itself.

TB: Meet in Vivian 413

*Group discussion of project details*

TB hands out Phys. Edu. 43 (2008) p412-416

TB: Any further questions?

/-- No questions --/


*Any other business*

/-- No other business --/


*/Next meeting: 20/10/16 Vivian 413 2pm/*

Laurence Sebastian Bowes
2016 SUCS President.

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