[Magfield] Minutes (meeting two) 13th October 2016

Laurence Sebastian Bowes elbows at sucs.org
Wed Oct 19 19:40:58 BST 2016

*Meeting two of the 13th of October 2016*

*Present: Tomsk, Nick, Joe, Katie, Karol, Laurence

*Apologies: None*

Karol: Who would like to do which job?

Katie: I wouldn't mind looking into the history

Nick: I can do theory

Tomsk: Let's run each experiment twice with different people?

/-- Group agrees on Tomsk's proposition, time willing --/

Tomsk: I'll look at other articles and other experiments/

/-- Group agrees to meet every week at 2pm Thursdays in Vivian 413 --/

Karol: Everyone should read both articles/

Laurence: I'll make a mailing list to archive minutes and other formal 

Tomsk: Let's decide which method to take tomorrow

/-- Katie & Joe agree to do research on history --

Tomsk: Historical research can be done outside of lab sessions

Karol: No memes in the Facebook chat

/-- Group agrees --/

Nick: We need to look into the theoretical side carefully. I'll derive 
the formulae used in method 1

*Group meeting temporarily adjourned to do research into the topic

/Joe: Going over equations/

/Nick: Derivation of method 1's theoretical foundations/

/Tomsk: Researching alternative experimetns//

/Katie: Looking into the history/

/Laurence: Going over the methods given and the theoretical arguments/

/Karol: Carefully going over the papers provided and the methods described/


*Group meeting resumes*

Tomsk: I'll email Tim about ref. 2 not working

Katie: I wasn't able to find any information on how Gauss performed his 

Joe: I found a magnetic survey. It says the field strength in Swansea is 

Karol: Let's use the methods given in the papers

/-- The group agrees to perform the experiments next week, and perform 
further research into the history and the theory --/

Tomsk: Let's put a phone in the Helmholtz coils

Karol: Let's meet here tomorrow (Vivian 413)

*Meeting over.*

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