[SUCS] 2006 Executive Election

Dave Arter davea at sucs.org
Mon Dec 5 01:19:29 GMT 2005

Voting for the 2006 SUCS Executive Election is now open.

The candidates standing for each position are as follows:

President - James Frost (frosty)
Secretary - Chris Elsmore (elsmorian), Sean Handley (talyn256),
            Gregg Williams (greggwilliams)
Treasurer - James Olver (order), Andrew Price (welshbyte)
Publicity Officer - Chris Elsmore (elsmorian), Sean Handley (talyn256)

Please refer to the SUCS Constitution Section 6 for the rules of this
You may vote only once, and your vote cannot be amended after you have
cast it,
so please choose carefully.

To cast your votes, please use this page: https://sucs.org/vote/
If you have problems using this form, or any queries regarding the election,
please direct them to davea at sucs.org (Secretary).

Voting closes at midnight on Monday 12th December 2005, and the results of
election will be announced on that day.

Dave Arter
SUCS Secretary

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