[SUCS] New Exec And Other News

Andrew Price welshbyte at sucs.org
Mon Dec 12 17:37:00 GMT 2005

Dear Computer Society Member,

Election Results
I am pleased to announce the results of the elections for the 2006 exec 
positions are as follows:

- President - James Frost (frosty)
- Secretary - Sean Handley (talyn256)
- Treasurer - Andrew Price (welshbyte)
- Publicity Officer - Chris Elsmore (elsmorian)

Congratulations to the new exec members and thanks to all who voted.

Christmas Party
The party went very well and we have received lots of good feedback from 
those who attended. Thanks for coming and staying up until silly o'clock 
to party the night away with us. We hope to see more of you at future 

New Books
Steve Whitehouse (rohan) has donated 4 more books to our library. A big 
thanks to him for the immense generosity he continues to display towards 
SUCS. The new books are:

- Web Design in a Nutshell - Niederst/O'Reilly
- Exim The Mail Transfer Agent - Hazel/O'Reilly
- Windows XP Pro The Missing Manual - Pogue,Zacker,Zacker/O'Reilly
- Matrices And Matlab A Tutorial - Marcus/Prentice Hall

See http://sucs.org/services/library.php (or the SUCS room cupboard) for 
all the books you can borrow from SUCS.

Some members have been asking whether the Friday 13:00 JCs meet-up is 
still on for the 16th. Yes it is.

In case we don't see you before then, have a great Christmas break!

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