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Fri Dec 1 23:37:14 GMT 2006

Hey guys,

Just a quick word about gear. 
If you've borrowed any gear for trips etc can you make
sure you have it back asap please. The end of term is
coming up and the gear will be   inventoried to check
nothing is missing. We don't want to have to start
signing gear out each time we lend you something, so
please double check to see if you've got anything.

P.S if you've not signed up for the Climbing Christmas
Ball/Dinner(y) thing. You should. The sign up sheet is
in the usual place. It's £16 for a meal and a D.J, and
if last year is anything to go by (and you like over
the top (slightly tacky) lighting systems) You won't
be dissapointed. The food's nice too. 
(**--Mon 11th Dec--**)


UWSMC Committee 

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