[UWSMC] Designs for our new club kit- swift responses needed please!

uws mc uwsmc at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Dec 4 21:03:19 GMT 2006

Hey Guys!

I appreciate that you are receiving lots of emails
from the club at the moment.  But this should interest
you.  (Not that the others haven't!)


We're trying to sort the next generation of club kit,
I think it is likely to be in the (traditional) form
of a hoody.....however if you have suggestions of
other preferable kit let me know, but the point of
this email if an invitation to the artists out there
for our design.  

If you have a design you think is worthy, then please
email it as an attachment back to us asap.

Cheers, and don't be shy, even if you have an idea but
don’t have an actual version that is welcome.

that's all for now..... see you soon!


UWSMC Committee 

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