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Hey hey,

There's a lot of stuff in this email so please read
and send replies! (Sorry if you get this twice)

SOCIALS (Most important!!!)

Friday 16th November: Huw is having a toga birthday
party (22) starting at 8pm in Yates. We’ll probably
spend the night in Wind Street.

Friday 23rd November: We're having a fancy dress house
crawl (bit like a pub crawl, but in people's houses).
We'll start off in Tom Page's house (Tom-Tom) and end
in Tom Allison's house (Toom) then we might go to DV8
after, (depending if people can still walk!) So far
we've only got 3 houses to visit, so if you are living
in the Brynmill/Uplands area and don't mind lending us
you house for a few hours please let us know!
Alcohol-wise it'll probably be a b.y.o.b (bring your
own booze) night. If you've got any ideas, let us
know. This will probably be are last major social
(excluding the Christmas ball) for this term, so
please all come!!!


Sorry for the confusion yesterday regarding it being
off/on, hope that you did have a good time without
most of the committee! Again the AU are being right
f**kers regarding the transport situation, normally
once we start using minibuses, they reduce the MPF's
so we can charge you less for the trip, but they seem
to be stuck on the ‘fact’ that it's the same price
whether we use a coach or a minibus. Hopefully we can
sort something out, but don't hold your breath!
Otherwise it'll be coaches from then on since they
seem to be giving us one even if we book one or not!


We are currently arranging our annual Christmas Ball,
which should be at the West Cross Inn (along Mumbles
Road). Last year the tickets were £16. This included a
3-course meal (vegetarian option available) and a
disco. Pictures are up on the website if you want to
see what it was like! Can people who are interested
please let us know, so we can have a rough number of
people to book for. PLEASE NOTE price and/or venue
might change 


I’m starting the process of getting the
hoodies/t-shirts organised for this year earlier
(since we did get any last year). We’ll be using the
same place that we were going to use last year so the
detail should be roughly the same. This is taken from
the email that was sent last year,

‘The hoodies are going to be £19 each and the t-shirts
much less, with a similar design.

The colours for the hoodies are;

White, Navy, Black, Orange, Red, Royal, Ash Grey
(Light), Sport Grey (Dark), Forest Green, Maroon,
Light Blue, Vegas Gold

The t-shirts are available in 54 colours (including
“Safety Green” the luminous colour used in
construction worker jackets) so rather than list them
all here you can mane a colour and we’ll find the
matching one, or choose one of the above colours.’

I have emailed the company asking if the
prices/colours have changed, hopefully they haven’t.
Further emails will be sent regarding the final design
so you can have a look. Pictures of previous club
clothing can be found on the website, and again if you
are interested can you email me back.

Thanks for reading

Von Doom (Dom)

UWSMC Committee 
Web: http://www.uwsmc.org.uk
Forum: http://www.uwsmc.org.uk/cragchat

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