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Tue Nov 13 15:26:22 GMT 2007

Hello all!
Here comes a friendly email from me, the treasurer,
about prices on Mondays.
The price to go to Dynamic rock on a Monday currently
stands at £8. This is higher than we would like it to
be. However, the AU are currently in the process of
"reviewing" the prices for transport, but they have
not yet come to firm arrangements as to what the
actual prices are. This makes it more difficult to
change our current price. Sooo, next week we will
possibly be able to lower our price to approx £7-not a
great decrease , but I hope that we will be able to
lower it to a better price later on.
Also, those people who still haven't payed me for last
weekends trip (they know who they are, and I know
where they live.....) could you bring me the money
either on Thursday, or next Monday.

Errr, thats it I think. I hope everybody is well.

Tom, AKA the treasurer, AKA TomTom

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