[UWSMC] Yay! Cheaper climbing!

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Fri Nov 16 14:58:26 GMT 2007

Climbers of Swansea uni rejoice!
I am pleased to announce that further to my email from
earlier this week, next weeks climbing on monday will
cost a total of £6. Hooray! This appears to have come
about due to the AU's 'price revision' of their
transport. I cannot, however, guarentee that mondays
will stay at £6 forever, but we are taking advantage
whilst the opportunity presents itself.

Also, don't forget next fridays house crawl! I am
thinking that we should start off at the Bryn-y-mor
pub (i know its not a house, but its a good staring
point, and its close to our starter house), but if
anyone wants to suggest anywhere else feel free. We
also need another house, so if you live in the
Bryn-mill/Uplands area, and dont mind your house being
temporarily used/abused, then give us a shout. It is
strictly a fancy dress occasion as well...apparently.

Hope eveyone is well. See you on Monday!

TomTom (treasurer)

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