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Mon Oct 22 10:25:01 BST 2007

Hey all,

On Friday we'll be heading off to Portland for our
first weekend trip. We have this trip every year and
it's always a load of fun!

We'll be leaving Swansea at 16:00 (4pm) outside Fulton
house (normal place). You will need to bring your
climbing kit (obviously), food for the trip, packed
lunches (this can be bought at Portland), money,
changes of clothes, showering stuff, towel etc.

The youth hostel will provide bed sheets/pillows, but
some of you might be camping depending on if we can
get extra beds. The youth hostel is providing
breakfast. We'll spend most of Saturday climbing, and
then go off to the city centre for dinner. On Sunday
we'll go to a different place for climbing spend most
day climbing again then leave for Swansea in the late

The total cost for the trip will be £35 pounds, and
we'll need the money a.s.a.p. (basically today at
dynamic rock or on Thursday at the uni wall)

Any problems/question email back or post on crag chat.

Dom :-p

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