[UWSMC] Climbing social and Gear Night

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Tue Oct 16 14:26:31 BST 2007


If you weren't on the bus yeasterday then you missed a
few notices,

Firstly another social (YAY!) tomorrow to celebrate
the AU launch night this time at PLAY. Same time and
place as last weeks (JC's at 8 o'clock then wind
street). You will need to buy tickets to get in, you
can get time at the door but it's alway a very long

Secondly gear night. It's on this sunday and we've
meeting outside fulton house readly to leave at around
5.15. We'll be taking cars so if any of you who've got
cars can help please let us know. The guys at Dynamic
Rock will be giving us a discount on kit and will be
doing a few packages (last year it was a bouldering
package - shoes and chalk bag, and a climbing package
- shoes, harness, chalk bag, belay plate, crag,
prussec loops and a nut key). Afterwards there'll be a
bouldernig comp. with prizes (I think) for winners!

Any problems, email or post on crag chat.


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