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Sat May 3 17:55:02 BST 2008

Hello All!
Monday is a bank holiday, and for the climbing club,
this means two things:

1. Dynamic Rock closes slightly earlier (8:30)

2. People dont have lectures, meaning that we could
potentially go to the gower, leaving slightly earlier
than normal i.e. 4:00pm

As these two ideas would require transport, I should
probably raise the fact that the AU are unable to
provide us with a bus this week (being bank holiday). 
If you wish to go to either the gower, or Dynamic
Rock, please could you reply to us, especially if you
have a car and are willing to provide everybody with
lifts-pertol costs will be covered!

Also, to all those who weren't present at this weeks
AGM, the new committee were elected. For all the
results go to uwsmc.org.uk.

Hope all is well!

Tom(Tom the now outgoing treasurer)

UWSMC Committee 
Web: http://www.uwsmc.org.uk
Forum: http://www.uwsmc.org.uk/cragchat

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