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Sun May 4 22:58:13 BST 2008

Hello All
Sorry for the confusion about tommmorrows climbing
session. Right;

A group of us want to get out onto the gower, for some
outdoors action. We are, at the moment short on car
spaces. However, there is the gower bus, which
normally runs a very good service into the gower.
Sooo, if you wish to come with us, then be outside
fulton house at 11:00 am tommorrow. If you wish to go
and you have a car...even better!! But please let us
know (reply to this!!!)

I am still trying to get transport arranged for a
Session at dynamic rock, but owing to the fact that we
have no bus, this is proving difficult. I am very
sorry for this, but hopefully we will get something
arranged. All i can say is keep an eye on your
emails!!! Failing everything else, we can always
organise usage of the proper people bus. It would also
be useful to know how many people want to go climbing
at DR tomoorrow, so sign up ASAP.

Hope all is well 

Tom (outgoing treasurer:)

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