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*Details about the forthcoming Portland Trip*

Dates: Friday 24th - Sunday 16th Oct
Times: leave FH 5.00pm - arrive back Sunday evening.


   - Sleeping bag
   - Carry mat/therma rest (something to lie on)
   - Food for Friday night on the way down (takes about 4/5 hours)
   - Food for lunch on Saturday
   - Snacks for the weekend.
   - Warm clothes
   - Climbing kit

We are staying in a scout hut which has a hall to sleep in (hence the need
for therma rests), toilets and a kitchen. Not sure what the kitchen has in
it but I guess a fridge and kettle and hobs.

Saturday breakfast will be provided (bacon sandwich's only) and we will go
out for an evening meal on Saturday. We will stop in a shop on Saturday
evening to get food for Sunday.

Can can not come on this trip unless you are signed up online. Please also
state your level of experience (sport/trad or none) and what kit you need
from the club.

Let us know (by ticking when you sign up) if you have a car and are willing
to drive.

If the weather is rubbish we will go climbing indoors.

Any questions let us know

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