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*To all those signed up for the Gower trip tomorrow*

If you have signed up (including those on reserve list) you can come on the
trip tomorrow. If you are on the list below them please arrive at FH at
8.45am to leave for gower at 9.00am. Remember to bring £5 for the trip and
food and warm clothes.

The people who I have on the list to come are:

Eirik Birkelund

Nadine Steinführer

Heidi Haugan

Rachel Pritchard

Mel Skelton

Mark Stevens

Jonathan Mather

Lloyd Thomas

Dominic Wu

Charlotte Darke

Xiangshou An


Fip Tonkins  (+1)

Ruben Fransen

Janelle Lee

Lim Huei Tsuen

Mariza Monckton

Thomas Bornschlegel


Daniel James

Iain Leighton

Emma Taylor

Dexter Robinson

Toni Cardew

David Sperring

 People who are driving with their cars are: (if you can't drive let me know

 Fip Tonkins

Mariza Monckton

Iain Leighton

David Sperring

People who are meeting at 8am to set up ropes are:


Jonathan Freeman  (driving)

Tom Webber

Tom Dudley

Gareth  (driving)

Tim Clark

Tom A?

Any questions let me know.

thanks,  Jacky


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