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Dear all,
The Club's AGM will be held on *Thursday 30th April*, in one of the dining
rooms in Fulton House.  Drinks and snacks will be provided, and we will
start off by submitting nominations for committee positions.  Discussion of
changes to the constitution and committee positions follows, along with any
other business.
After a short break, the election of next years committee will take place.
This involves each candidate making a short speach about why they want the
position, followed by questions and then everyone votes.
Please note that there may be some change to a couple of the committee

Anyone is more than welcome to come, even if you don't want to stand for a
position, you can vote for people you want to run the club next year.  Apart
from that there free food and probably a social after!

There will be a sign up on the website, if you intend to stand for a
position, you can state which when signing up.

Kind Regards
Tom Webber

For your information, here are details of the responsibilities of each

*All members*

To attend the majority of Committee meetings

To attend around half the trips

To know what the arrangements are for regular club activities

To be able to pass any questions on to the suitable person

to arrange club clothing

*President: *

to make decisions if a vote is not required

to be aware of overall arrangements

to delegate jobs to over com members

to take overall responsibility for the running of the club

Responsible for arranging agendas for committee meetings/AGM

To organise training for and the team (in agreement with the committee) for
club comps

Manages the paperwork needed to complete for the Club’s Competitions

Pesters the AU for funding to cover the Competitions

*Secretary: *

Responsible for taking minutes at committee meetings

Responsible for communication to and from the Club

keeping track of emails and keeping members informed in person and in email

Maintains the Club’s membership and mailing lists

sorts out official club details such as BMC membership AU stuff

*Treasurer: *

Oversee the management of the Club’s finances

Deals with the payment of the AU fees

Makes sure that someone is responsible for collecting cash on trips

being aware of the clubs financial situation and reporting to committee

*Gear Representative: *

Maintains and organises the Clubs gear

Responsible for knowing what gear club members have borrowed

Hands out the gear on trips or make sure someone is responsible for gear

*Social Secretary: *

To organise and promote regular club socials

Organises various club socials, including the Christmas Dinner

To get club members to socialise!

*Freshers Rep: *

Be main organiser for freshers fair

To be a contact point for freshers

To organise and persuade freshers to play an active role in the club

*Trips Organiser: *

To organise all weekend and away club trips (with the support of the rest of
the committee)

Manages the paperwork needed to complete for the Club’s Trips

*Website Secretary: *

Responsible for maintaining the condition of the Club’s website

Responsible for assisting the committee with emails and computer based
SUMC Committee

Web: http://www.sumc.org.uk
Forum: http://www.sumc.org.uk/cragchat

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