[SUMC] Wednesday Afternoon Climbing

SUMC Committee sumc at sumc.org.uk
Sat Mar 7 16:18:47 GMT 2009

as the weather is starting to look better on some wedesdays, we decided it'd
be good to get outside more.  So, if you want to go climbing outside on a
wednesday and the forecast is ok, there is now an alternative sign up option
on the website.  These will probably be more suitable for people who have
some knowledge of outdoor climbing - ie: how to second or lead.  The easiest
way to organise going, is to use Crag Chat.
If you want to borrow club gear for this, you will need to organise getting
the gear from Tom yourself.  Please use Cragchat again, or reply to this
email to get his mobile number.

All the best
Tom W

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