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its coming up that time of year, when the club holds its AGM.  This will
take place on Tuesday 27th April on campus, which is the second week back
after Easter, and all active club members are encouraged to attend.  In case
you've not been to one before, the AGM is where the club votes for the
committee for the next academic year, and also where important decisions
(such as as changes to the constitution, and changing committee positions)
are made.  Its also where you get a chance to voice your opinions on the

The committee positions are detailed below, and anyone can go for a position
(any specific requirements are listed).  Active club members are strongly
encouraged to run for positions, as its a great way to get more involved
with the club, and to push it in the direction you want. It also looks good
on your CV after uni...  Most imoprtantly, unless dedicated people run for
the committee, there won't be an active mountaineering club next year, as it
needs people to organise it!

If you're considering going for a position, now is the time to talk to the
current person to find out more.  Expect plenty of pestering over the coming

Also, please find attached a copy of the club constitution, which you can
read and suggest any changes to.  If you wish to suggest any changes, these
need to be given to the secretary at least a week before the AGM.  The club
will then vote on the suggestions at the AGM.  Most likely changes will
relate to committee positions.

Kind regards


*Club Committee Positions*

*Their Roles and Responsibilities*

* *

*President (currently Tom Webber)

*This is the person in overall charge of the club and the committee, whose
role it is to ensure that the club functions effectively.  The president is
responsible for all aspects of the club, by either delegating tasks to other
committee members, or doing them their self.  Is also responsible for
arranging regular committee meeting, and chairing them.  The bane of a
president’s life is regular visits to the Athletic Union to try and sort
things out.  The president needs to be keen and dedicated, as well as
organised and decisive.  This person should also have an amount of knowledge
and experience of climbing.*

* *

*Secretary (currently Rachel Pritchard)

*The secretary’s main task is to take minutes of committee meetings, and
then distribute these, so that an official record is kept of decisions.  Also
the main contact for the club.  The secretary’s busiest time, is at the
beginning of the year, when it is their task to add all the new club
member’s details to the membership database and mailing list.  The secretary
should be a well organised person.*

* *

*Treasurer (currently Lloyd Thomas)

*The treasurer is responsible for all things money related in the club.  It’s
the treasurer’s task to keep the money tin, and to collect money at club
trips.  The most important part of the treasurer’s role is to then go the
Athletic Union regularly to pay fees.*

*The treasurer needs to be very organised and have some maths skills.  They
should also come on most club trips.  Ideally, they shouldn’t have a
criminal background either…*

* *

*Gear Rep. (currently Ed)

*The gear rep. is the person who looks after all the club’s equipment.  This
basically means that you have a house full of smelly shoes.  The person is
responsible for maintaining and checking the gear, but not cleaning
it.  Realistically,
the gear rep. needs access to a car, as there is often too much gear to
carry.  He should also be knowledgeable of climbing equipment.*

* *

*Social Sec (currently Sam Jerman)

*The person responsible for organising club socials.  Needs to be a keen and
enthusiastic member, who is fairly approachable and outgoing.  More
importantly, the social sec. should be very organised and committed, so that
regular socials occour.*

* *

*Management Rep. (currently James Andrews)*

*The management rep. is normally an older club member, who has been on the
committee before, and is quite experienced.  Their main role is to offer
advice to the committee, and step in to help if they get into difficulty.*

* *

*Trip Sec. (currently Tom Dudley)

*The trip sec.’s role is to organise accommodation for club trips away.  The
trip sec. needs to be an organised person, who can phone/email different
people to sort accommodation.*

* *

*Website Sec. (currently Tim Clark)

*This person is responsible for the club’s website and email.  The website
sec. needs to know stuff about computers and website and the like…*

* *

*Fresher’s Rep. (currently nobody!)

*In theory, works with the social sec., and whose job it is to encourage new
members in the club.  Acts as a link between new members and the rest of the
committee.  Needs to be an outgoing and friendly person, whose keen to
encourage others.*

SUMC Committee

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