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Matt's after some folks to teach some outdoorsy stuff to, see below!


Hi my name is Matt Woodfield, i'm an old club member some of you might
remember from a few years ago, I now work freelancing as an outdoor
instructor. I'm currently working towards a qualification called the
Mountain Instructor Award (MIA), a little like the SPA, only for big cliffs
and mountains, and I need to take lots of people climbing to lots of places
to become amazing before my assessment.

So i'm offering FREE CLIMBING INSTRUCTION to those who are keen to get out
and learn. The tuition works best when I take two people out at a time, and
i'm hoping to visit local crags, pembroke and lots of places in North Wales,
accommodation being either camping, car or bunkhouse, so super cheap, just
fuel needed.

Anyone can join in, it doesn't matter about your level of experience, from
total beginners to experienced types, i'd like to work with you all,
teaching you anything from seconding to scrambling or multipitch skills to
rescue techniques, whatever you want.

Some dates to entice you to perhaps a North Wales adventure are any time
from 6th to 11th April if you can drag yourself away from your revision.

For those who are interested feel free to contact me by email at
mattwoodfield at hotmail.com, or by phone on 07849109100.

Hope to meet some of you soon

Matt Woodfield


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